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Written In Partnership With Amir Bakian

Written In Partnership With Amir Bakian

Remedios María Juana™ and Cascabel™ Heal the Hispanic Population with Unparalleled CBD Pain Relief and Sleep Products on the Market

ÚNICATM Brands brings a fresh new approach to the American CBD market. Using traditional, healthy, and all-natural ingredients, Remedios María Juana™ and Cascabel™ were produced with the Hispanic population in mind. They represent two of the biggest reasons why ÚnicaTM lives up to its translated name, which means “unique.”

ÚnicaTM was founded by the heir of a large food packing and distribution company in Mexico. While the founder was already supplying the world with exceptional food products, he dreamed of contributing to something that leaned on helping people feel well and be at their best in a new healthy way.

After hearing about the numerous properties of CBD, he and his best friend dedicated themselves to learning as much as possible about the hemp plant. He educated himself on the endocannabinoid compounds and system, the differences between types of CBD and the global market where his company operates — and the fire of his passion was lit.

He founded ÚNICATM in late 2020 and fully assembled a team of experts to expedite development and growth, conducting deep research into the best ways to serve America’s Hispanic population. By leveraging the best manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, marketing, design agencies and Hispanic media networks, ÚnicaTM tells a remarkable story about Hispanic culture and how those traditions are pulled forward into the future.

Remedios María Juana™

What makes Remedios María Juana™ an extraordinary CBD salve is that all of the ingredients can be found in nature. The salve contains almost 9 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD per gram. This is combined with camphor, menthol and arnica, resulting in an ointment that effectively soothes and relieves pain and discomfort from inflammation. The hemp is THC-free and sourced from US farmers that use sustainable farming practices.

Every ingredient in the salve connects with traditional healing properties from ancient times in Latin America and particularly in Mexico. By combining the proven ingredients that consumers already know with the healing properties of CBD, Remedios María Juana™ empowers consumers to treat everyday wellness and simple health problems without having to pay a doctor or buy expensive medicines.

The design of Remedios María Juana™ shows a familiar face, similar to a Mexican healer. The lines emanating from the face resemble the glow of the sun, an element of Mexican philosophy and tradition. Remedios María Juana™ invokes nostalgic memories of the past, soothing muscle and joint pain like a grandmother or family member caring for a child.


Cascabel™ is not strictly a medicine, but a practical solution with simple ingredients found in nature. The Cascabel™ brand name originates from an instrument widely used in pre-Hispanic dances and traditions. The rattle, or Cascabel, was also used by primitive men, who shook it during times of celebration, including births, weddings, and deaths, to drive away evil spirits. Similarly, Cascabel™ drives away pain and stress, allowing consumers to enjoy a comfortable, restful night of sleep.

Cascabel™ is available in gummies, tinctures, and softgels, carefully formulated to deliver a daily solution to common ailments. All products are third-party lab tested and follow best practices for hemp cultivation and manufacturing. The 4.8-gram sleep aid gummies contain 10 MG of CBD derived from the hemp plant, enhanced with ingredients such as melatonin and GABA to help you rest and sleep. The pain relief gummies also offer 10 MG of CBD with anti-inflammatory herbs, ginger and turmeric. This flavorsome gummy blend helps you with daily pain caused by inflammation, poor posture, joint pain, or exercise.

The Cascabel™ soft capsules provide sleep assistance and pain relief with 25 MG of CBD, while their tinctures deliver 33 MG of CBD, helping to reduce anxiety and improve general well-being during the day. The Cascabel™ brand represents modern Hispanic traditions, from the bright colors of the package design to the flavors of the gummies like Tropical Twist, blood orange, lemon, and orange-pineapple. These flavors, formulations, and even the name itself embody the essence of unity, respect and emotional pride that are so crucial to the Hispanic culture.

The Best CBD Products Come From ÚnicaTM

ÚnicaTM was created from a deeply ingrained passion for helping others, one that also runs deep in the veins of Hispanic culture. The company exists to assist Hispanic brothers and sisters in finding the relief they are seeking, while creating trusted products that improve people’s lives worldwide. Each brand, Remedios María Juana™, and Cascabel™ were carefully crafted with Hispanic health, heritage and tradition in mind.

If you are interested in learning more about the proven healing properties of CBD, visit the ÚNICATM CBD education page. You can also visit the Remedios María Juana™ and Cascabel™pages to learn more about the brand, their ingredients and how their commitment to excellence has produced some of the best CBD products in the industry.