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“Sana, Sana…” How the brands from ÚNICA™ are adding a new twist to Abuela’s home remedies for pain relief

If you grew up in a Hispanic household, you probably know all about home remedies. Your mom or Abuela likely had a homemade tea or special ointment that cured whatever ailed you. Sometimes the cure came in a completely unfamiliar form, but it worked like a charm. For centuries, Hispanic cultures have relied heavily on natural home remedies to avoid possible side effects.

In the spirit of traditional home remedies, ÚNICA™ created brands with very distinct products with overall wellness in mind. From a topical salve that helps you get rid of aches and pains to a line of gummies, tinctures, and softgels made with noble ingredients that give you much-needed relief, sleep, and well-being. They have designed these products to help you be at your best when you need it most. Each product is infused with broad-spectrum CBD to give you the best results, plus other powerful ingredients that synergize with the whole hemp plant for whatever ails you.  They offer quality ingredients, tested in FDA-qualified labs and made in top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities to ensure your health is of the utmost priority.

In a world where you’re always on the go, taking your health for granted is easy until you start feeling the aches and pains after a long workday. REMEDIOS MARIA JUANA™ (see what they did with the name there) is a topical cream that combines menthol, arnica, camphor, and broad-spectrum CBD to create a pain reliever that works. Each ingredient is well known in Hispanic culture and has a proven track record of relieving arthritis pain in your joints, inflammation, and other issues like backaches and muscle soreness. Combining all four elements allows you to get a powerful pain reliever like no other on the market.

CASCABEL™ is the second product ÚNICA™ Brands has formulated. While they offer a line with tinctures and softgels, their delicious gummies, made with natural ingredients, are perfect for relieving minor aches, easing your pain, and helping you get the sleep you need. One of the most incredible things we can do for our body is to give it time to heal and rest, but that is easier said than done when you are not slowing down or your brain doesn’t seem to want to shut off. In a world where there are so many things to worry about, feeling your best and getting quality sleep are not only needed but vital to our overall health.

Why use CBD?

You may be wondering why ÚNICA™ uses CBD in its products in the first place. Broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp uses the whole plant, which contains natural healing and pain-relieving properties that keep with the traditional Hispanic practice of homeopathic remedies. In addition, CBD is one of the many natural compounds in the hemp plant that works with your body to heal, restore and refresh.

One of the common misconceptions of CBD products is that they can make you high. However, broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp alone does not contain the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana; therefore, using CBD, whether in topical or edible form, will not make you high. Instead, CBD boosts support to your body as it works with the endocannabinoid system that regulates many of our most critical bodily functions, such as sleep, pain, and immune response, thus aiding you in your daily routines.

What makes ÚNICA™ Brands different from other CBD brands?

ÚNICA™ Brands are committed to providing you with a modern take on traditional healing with REMEDIOS MARIA JUANA™ and CASCABEL™. Their team of experts stays at the forefront of each state regulation and laws governing CBD derived from hemp products to bring you the highest quality salve and edibles.